Tenant Told No More Lawsuits Against Landlords

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A judge in New York recently told a tenant that enough is enough, and barred the man from filing any future lawsuits against his landlords.

According to a report, the tenant has filed 23 lawsuits against his past and present landlords — and lost every time.

The judge accused the tenant of filing nearly two dozen legal actions solely to inconvenience the former and current rental property owners. Together, these landlords logged 100 court appearances and accrued nearly $200,000 in legal fees. Fed up, they joined forces and asked the court to stop what they said was an abuse of the system.

The court agreed, equating the frivolous actions to harassment.

The tenant allegedly filed numerous claims in housing court complaining of the condition of his unit, but then would refuse to allow workers to make repairs, according to the report.

Technically, the tenant could sue again if he retains a lawyer, who would have a duty to verify the man’s claims, or if the tenant obtains permission from the chief judge.

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