New Law Would Prevent Eviction of Teachers


Lawmakers in San Francisco are championing a measure that would prevent eviction of teachers working during the nine-month school term.

The proposed rule builds on existing legislation that protects families with school-aged children from being evicted during the school year.

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The measure, which  limits “no-fault” evictions, follows on the heels on a contentious battle between city officials and private landlords who are attempting to convert their underperforming rent-controlled units now that market rents in the city are soaring.

One proponent who introduced the bill claims that the measure is necessary to protect the city’s school system because so few teachers are able to afford local housing. The proponent wants to Prevent Eviction of teachers, but a what cost to landlords?

“No-Fault Eviction Protections During School Year” prevents landlords from applying for specific evictions. Evictions for things like owner move-in, condo conversion, retiring the unit as a rental, capital improvements and substantial rehabilitation during the school year where a child under 18 or a person who works at a school in San Francisco resides in the rental unit. The rule covers tenants and family members who have resided in the unit for 12 months or more. An exception is made if the eviction is necessary to perform mandatory earthquake retrofits.

Now that the measure has been introduced it must be reviewed in committee before any action can be taken by the Board of the Supervisors.

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