How do I collect past due rent?

Landlords can collect past due rent through Debt Collection Agencies, In-House Agents, and through Fidelity Information Corporation. Fidelity works directly with Landlords to send collection notices to delinquent tenants. The notice comes from a bona fide collection agency which prompts the tenant to pay immediately. The Landlord pays only a low fee for the cost of the letter, and is free to keep all money collected.

How do I prevent past due rent?

The key to preventing past due rent is Tenant Screening your applicants prior to renting; as well as Reporting your Tenant Rent Payments. It is proven that tenants that are aware their rent payments are being reported to the credit bureaus are much more likely to make on time rent payments.

Reduce the risk of past due rent by reporting tenant rent payments to the Landlord Credit Bureau


Outstanding tenant accounts are a heavy drain on a rental property business. It is essential to have a strategy for Tenant Debt Collection. Because there is a degree of uncertainty as to whether a debt can be collected, debt collection agencies typically adjust their fees accordingly, and take a large percentage of what they collect. There ….  Continue Reading


Tim Paulsen is an international specialist training credit and collection professionals in past due rent collection. Drawing on his experience as a collector, fraud investigator, skip-trace manager, and consultant, he is the author of Paid in Full, a popular book on collections, now in its second edition. When Tim trains collection departments, either as a consultant ….  Continue Reading


Debt Collection Begins Before Your Tenant Ever Moves InThe information that a landlord collects during a thorough tenant background check is the same information that a debt collection company will use to collect tenant debts. “Your tenant debt recovery efforts start before the tenant moves into your unit,” says Dan Page, a representative of tenant debt collection company ….  Continue Reading